You know what's super fun? Use a VPN and set your location to "London" or "Amsterdam" or "Bogota" for a few days, and watch how your social media feed and Google search results for people change in response to those platforms perceiving you as being in a place with different laws. As you note, it's amazing to me that people write entire tomes on what regulation of the internet would mean without even considering places that have already done so.

Another thing that's fun about this VPN trick is seeing how there's a whole world of shows and services that you can't see in different locations, not because they're illegal per se, but because of intellectual property restrictions. Because let us not forget that the biggest restriction on who gets to see what media is not imposed by governments, or by content creators, but on who owns the works created by artists and writers.

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How interesting! Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try it.

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